Being young and successful

To measure the progress of our society, we should measure the progress of its people – as for Cape Town, many exciting things are happening and we’re excited that the entrepreneurial culture is booming, we should infact be referred to as “Silicon Cape”. As more and more youth are becoming interested in this career path, but as most of us realized, that it takes more guts than glory – and more no’s than yes’s (in fact, too many no’s).

Surely that should not be a problem if our your are educated about entrepreneurship and its fruitfulness, we should allow them to experience a start up – not sit behind a desk and draw up business plans.

I recently read an article and it handles 7 cardinal tips for budding entrepreneurs. Experiencing most of this myself, I would say that they are right on par and it provides some great insight 🙂

And Louw Barnardt, who is the MD of Outsourced CFO and also an accountant entrepreneur drew up the following 7 tips:

Never stop learning

Keep building on your arsenal of knowledge: It is important for youth to realize the importance of education – industries are constantly changing and it takes a lot for one person to constantly stay updated about their industry of choice. With rapid change, and major losses – comes loads of existing entrepreneurs who made mistakes and it should be a priority for youth to research and study these individuals to learn from them – it improves your knowledge and handles the do’s and don’ts.

Put in those networking hours

People do business with people: The more we engage entrepreneurship and our passion, we realize that it is exactly our passion and not our idea that fills investors with enthusiasm – see our “Do it with Passion” post to help you understand the importance 🙂 the message louw is trying to bring across is the fact that it’s more social than professional – it’s all about your story and ultimately it will be about your idea, best advice I could give is – display your passion 🙂

Play the man, not the ball

Our greatest lesson in pitching has been to put away the elevator pitch: Most may not agree, but I feel that as the entrepreneurial industry developed, so has the people and networks with in it developed – people are not interested in an individual who constantly discusses themselves, and at a networking event, that’s one of the “important” people to avoid (Inside tip – instead we should aim to find the “Emerging Leader”. This is the type of person that’s like minded, ambitious and at your stage of personal development, although they might have achieved some good things, they are constantly seeking more value in their work and challenging themselves.)

Become visible online

A company without a web presence does not exist: As our society develops, I can most definitely say the same about our technology – and most new businesses are digital. It’s all about convenience, if they can’t get hold of your by the click of a button, unfortunately they might never attempt to contact you (bummer).

Make industry thought leadership your goal

Keep positioning yourself as a leader in your industry: One of the important factors I would say – Is to be the person with a good opinion, if you have nothing to say, please don’t say anything, but the more access people have to what you’re saying, the more likely you are to generate leads in your industry – we should aim to add value, and to be of assistance in order to achieve success 🙂 We can use blogs, social media, Google hangouts etc…

The desirability of the fountain of youth

Do not see young age as a weakness: transport your passion and energy to other facets of your life and even into old age.. Always gather inspiration, keep positive, this will only come when you establish balance – you’ll only attain balance once you add value to every corner of your life – work, play, family, professionally (I speak under correction)

and last but not least, the most important of them all!!

Never stop having fun

You don’t stop playing because you get old: Always be sure to enjoy what you’re doing – as I mentioned passion is important. positive fulfilling prophecies will encourage you loads, celebrate all you can and be proud of yourself 🙂 The world is our their for the taking and it’s in fact alive with possibilities!


Success journey

“Success is not a destination, it’s a journey”

Posted by: Nur Davids 

Kid President offers advice to newcomers…

In this featured video, Robby Novak also known as “Kid President” delivers some advice to individuals that haven’t experienced as much as many of us have so far, enough of what I have to say, have a look 🙂


Kid believes everyone should be treated equally and both children and adults should work together, he also firmly believes that everyone should be treted like it’s their birthday 🙂 hahah

Here’s a link to his pep talk for more inspirational content —> PEP TALK

creative youth banner

Creativity & Youth

Picasso said ..” all children are born artists, the problem is to remain one while growing up.” .. he highlights the importance of childhood creativity and harnessing it for children to carry it into adulthood.

As a society with access to the internet, therefore tremendous amounts of knowledge, we encourage further studies, we encourage work experience, we encourage blah blah blaah.. there’s something missing in the equation, an imbalance of sorts. If there seems to be an imbalance, our efforts are not getting through as much as we expect it to.. the missing piece of the puzzle seems to be creativity, to allow a child to experience life at his/her own finger tips, to engage the world at their pace and to learn and even fail.. we have yet to see the importance of failure and the progress it yields! (I’m not screaming)

To confine a child to four walls is a disaster, creativity is a journey and a means to an end.. to not be confined to the four walls around you is a catalyst, to not live in the box, instead not to even see the box, to be so far away from that box that it doesn’t seem like one, just a minor spec in your existence. Imagine a world where our next generation lives there passion, doing what they want to do because they received support since a young age, they experience 5 important factors.. failure, responsibility, practiced their own choices, recognized opportunities and have the innate ability to lead and influence positively in any situation (even on something we consider irrelevant as a hike).

The importance of support to youth is an act few engage in, I do not expect large corporates and government to come up with solutions because they are not facing the same thing we are in our communities, our experiences are different, they do not know what we need (with regards to youth). Instead we can allow them to see what we need and journey on a common vision, that could be a solution.

We know what we need, we should start going out there and do it 🙂

Here’s one of my favorite TED talks by Cameron Herold : Let’s Raise Kids To be Entrepreneurs. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Do it with passion

Passion, a strong and barely controllable emotion the oxford dictionary explains: is a good topic of discussion, from childhood to old age we tend to still become excited when speaking about items or individuals close to our heart. For entrepreneurs on the other hand, passion is a driving force behind all the work and all the hours that goes into the life of a start-up.

Entrepreneurs do not have a 9-5. heck it’s not even 5-11 I would say it’s more 24/7, but nobody really cares if you got a passion for it, any challenge are welcomed and every mistake is a lesson learnt.  obviously, everything results in how the mind works, when an individual is passionate about the occupation, the tend to become less obsessive with what they’re doing and in tern become more productive and manage to get more work done. The importance of passion will result in your getting an investment or not, investments are most of the time provided to individuals who display their inner passion about their business, about themselves, about life… oh where would we be if we stopped caring about what’s in it for us?

Thats the essence of an entrepreneur, conveying your passion, which unknowingly gets you the investment, I have to admit that it’s an untold secret amongst many, but let’s complain, we should be happy if a fellow businessman or entrepreneur gets the investment 🙂 build on each other, provide powerful and encouraging feedback to motivate each other, you know, help each other.

It is that very passion we have to instill in our youth, allowing youth to foster enthusiasm toward entrepreneurship, it will grow and they will develop habitual characteristics that mimics success and eventually (most probably) achieve success. For every 60 or something years, something has to change, be it technology, be it mind-sets, the list can go on and on and oooon… so I focus should be on youth, in order to tackle the fundamentals of their education and encourage a future of success, to have vision, to be hopeful and to use their imagination 🙂

Our youth is the future and they should be in charge of it.

Going beyond grades: Why we HAVE to do better.

Some great insights! Thanks 🙂

What do you think is the lowest G.P.A. I need in order to get into a good retirement home — one of those fancy ones with never-ending soft serve ice cream and Jeopardy tournaments in the common area?  How many gold stars do you think I need in order say, “I’m happy”?  Oooh, most importantly, do you think if I re-take my ACT and get 2 points higher I can finally say I have purpose in the world?

Surely, these are the questions that keep teenagers angsty. There can be no other explanation.

We live in an educational climate that focuses primarily — some would say obsessively — on numbers and letters, rankings and standings.  We say it’s for results. And it’s true. One can see results through numbers. But it’s time to argue for different results. It’s time to argue for a system that puts the value and benefit…

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Experimental Entrepreneurship

South Africa, a nation according to the International Labour Organisation is a land where youth are 3 times more likely to be unemployed.

Our vast majority of individuals experiencing poverty, lack of opportunities as well as access to basic human rights, which include education. The fact that they’re unemployed doesn’t help them work themselves out of the “situation” now does it? According to the African Economic Outlook we should start making youth unmployment a priority, we should provide youth with the opportunity to work toward their ambitions and provide a better future for their family.

It is about time that South Africa look toward entrepreneurship as a solution, fortunately government as well as corporates are starting to focus on the solutions entrepreneurship could bring, but but according to the annual GEM Report conducted by the UCT Graduate School of Business, we need to pull up our socks.

According to the report, they have made a comparison between the youth in South Africa and the youth in nine other Sub-Saharan countries: Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia. South Africa’s rate of perceived opportunities for its youth is 39% – the lowest of the sub-Saharan African countries that participated in GEM. The average for the region is 70%.

furthermore, the newsletter makes mention that South Africa’s rate of perceived capabilities for its youth is 40%, again the lowest of the participating African countries and far below the average for sub-Saharan Africa of 76%. The pool of potential entrepreneurs in South Africa’s youth population is 20%, also considerably below the average of 60% for sub-Saharan Africa.

Those are dire statistics. It is not always up to the government or larger corporations to take action, in fact government as well as larger corporations will not be able to provide all our youth with the opportunity to enter their desired market. That’s where where the established brands and entrepreneurs of South Africa comes in, yes we have well established organization such as RLabs‘s GROW Leadership Academy which is based around Social Innovation and the Raymond Ackerman Academy which takes a more formal but relevant approach with regards to entrepreneurship, both these organisations are doing extremely well, but are those enough?

In order to fully boost entrepreneurial activity in South Africa, we need to tackle the fundamentals of our South African education system, a system that seems to not have developed with the modern world. There’s so many access points to information to access outside of the education system, but yet the education system does not recognize it and according to Will Richards who quoted Charles Dickinson and he had this to say about our education system:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness”

In order to fully develop our country, as an entrepreneurial community we need to take a stand, a stand of influence, not for the monetary value, but consideration of the future, by investing today.

This is where our humble project was born, by providing youth the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship by individuals who experienced it at first hand, not individuals who lecture for years and years and never got their hands dirty. This program, was adopted from a leading operation in Silicon Valley, with a bit of South African relevance, together we made in possible in order to improve the current situation in south africa.

Experimental entrepreneurship allows for youth to explore a whole new world, a world filled with opportunity and solutions, a world where they are in control of their future and the future of our nation. Entrepreneurship is the future, when a child is asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he needs to utter “I want to be an Entrepreneur” in the same lines with I want to be a fireman or astronaut. A simple process really, a scalable solution that enables youth to path a way for their future in 3 days 🙂

See our workshop page for more information about our program and if that’s not enough do not hesitate to contact us.

Entrepreneurship will unlock many opportunities for our nation, it’s about time everyone get on the bandwagon.. Rise up South Africa!